Sunday, July 20, 2008

TASF inaugural meeting

It was a perfect time to inaugurate our first official meeting. On that same day I inaugurated our dyeing studio. That seems to work very well and with a bit of time and more ideas of what we will be doing there we will have it running full time. What fun.

It was my first time meddling with Indigo. The preparation is rather fussy and time consumming. I was quite disappointed with the results after stitching for so long... Then I did not think the colour was right.. However I gasped with delight when I finally ironed all the pieces !!!
WOW, what a surprising surprise !! I love them, and now am ready to prepare more.

Although I have not seen too much "real" shibori I had an impression that the indigo colour was less impressive than I had expected.. Maybe I want it darker ?? Anyway I did find another source for the synthetic indigo, but the preparation is quite different andj it takes longer to get the vat going.. Being a perfectionist ( if possible !) I will order the new indigo and we can play with it another day. I do this in order to have no doubts that what we are doing is the best we can do . I hate having an uresolved problem.

I have now built my first prototype of the shibori knotting tool (yokobiki dai). I will take itto our next meeting on wednesday.. I think it will work well, but is not exactly portable... That will come with use and more ideas.. Having never seen this tool makes making one more difficult.

Remember no pain , no gain, so work hard.


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Hendro Joewono said...

I made several yokobiki dais myself. One thing I still don't understand is the function of the small hole on the hollow shaft. What is it for? The thread don't go through it as I reckon. You can check out my yokobiki dai on instagram (@main.kayu)