Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marilyn's Journal

This journal case was inspired by Janet Edmonds', Embroidered Boxes and a fabric making technique taught by Lorraine Roy. I layered finely cut silk pieces between a blue silk backing fabric and netting then I free motioned stitched the layers together I then embellished the top with a prebeaded rectangular scrap of fabric, cording and shisha mirrors. I handmade the cords using a lucet tool. I attached some leftover pieces of the fabric on the gusset as decoration and also used a piece of the fabric to make the flap for the closure which is held closed by a strip of lucet cord. I only embellished the front of the case. The spine of the journal cover inside the box is also made from the same silk fabric and an angel is stamped in gold on the front of the book cover which is also made from the same blue silk backing fabric used as the backing in the journal case.
This is my first attempt at this kind of piece and I am really inspired to try some more.
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arlee said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!